How to Drink Like a Rock Star

How to Drink Like a Rock Star

Recipes for the Cocktails and Libations that Inspired 100 Music Legends

Apollo Publishers


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Second book in a series off to a successful start: How to Drink Like a Rock Star is the second book in Apollo’s new How to Drink series. The first book, How to Drink Like a Writer, published in 6/2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and yet has net 5,000 to date with sales continuing to grow steadily.   

Large, clear audience: How to Drink Like a Rock Star has a huge potential audience of aspiring musicians eager for inspiration, as well as anyone who loves a solid cocktail. The runaway success of books like Tequila Mockingbird  (352,000 RTD, 6,000 YTD 4/2022), and Andrew Rea’s Binging with Babish  (183,000 RTD, 5,000 YTD 4/2022) have demonstrated a great thirst for readers to emulate their idols in food and drink. The closest comp on the market, Booze & Vinyl, scans at 85,000 RTD, 6,500 YTD 4/2022 and has a follow up-releasing in April 2022.

150 specially created illustrations + 100 photos: How to Drink Like a Rock Star is an extraordinary package with 150 original hand-drawn illustrations created just for the book, as well as 100 photographs, and a highly designed cover to make it pop on shelves and online.

Point-of-purchase and gift appeal: An affordable price of only $19.99 makes this the perfect point-of-sale impulse purchase and a thoughtful but not bank-breaking gift.

Rock-and-roll cover that shows series appeal: The cover of How to Drink Like a Rock Star embraces elements of How to Drink Like a Writer to appeal to the home bartenders who purchased the first book in the series, but glows with a rock-and-roll design. From left to right are Lenny Kravitz, Mick Jagger, Joni Mitchell, and Gwen Stefani, showing the diversity in the book, and the glow design is reminiscent of a lighted club sign highlighting the acts of the night.

Cocktails and mocktails so everyone can enjoy!: How to Drink Like a Rock Star includes a wealth of recipes that show how to modify to skip the alcohol for those who prefer a mocktail.

Diverse list of rock stars: How to Drink Like a Rock Star includes a diverse list of rock stars, as music history has been shaped by people of different genders, races, and cultural backgrounds, from the 1940s through modern times.

International appeal: How to Drink Like a Rock Star is destined to draw wide appeal domestically and abroad. Rock stars featured in the book are primarily American, but a wealth of musicians from England are featured as well. Rights to produce the book in Italian have already been picked up by an Italian publisher, representative of its European appeal. How to Drink Like a Writer was picked up for Italy and Taiwan, and interest in additional coeditions continues. 

Stunning countertop display cases on request: Gorgeous displays were printed for How to Drink Like a Writer, each in emerald green and featuring art and recipes from inside the book and able to hold six volumes. Similar displays can easily be designed and created for How to Drink Like a Rock Star or the books can share a display.


Apollo Publishers:

From the team behind How to Drink Like a Writer, Rock Stars at Home, and Tommy at 50 comes a wide-ranging collection of renowned rock stars and the cocktails they stirred (and were stirred by). No recipes were tested during office hours.