Fundamentals of Supramolecular Chirality

Fundamentals of Supramolecular Chirality


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Fundamentals of Supramolecular Chirality is a critical description of the start and advancement of supramolecular chirality. This book focuses on the noncovalent approach with some supplementary examples of covalent supramolecular chirality.This contribution to supramolecular chirality is not intended to be a mere catalogue and description of the work done. It also traces a philosophical path following the development and possible perspectives of this topic, providing not a review but a critical examination of the field.Contents:

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  • Introduction — Chirality: What Is It, What Is It For? (Roberto Purrello)
  • Hierarchies in the Transfer of Molecular to Supramolecular Chirality (David B Amabilino, Glenieliz C Dizon, C Elizabeth Killalea, and Ajith R Mallia)
  • Insight on the Structure and Properties of Chiral Self-Assembled Natural Products (Arie Zask, George Ellestad, and Nina Berova )
  • Chirogenesis in Supramolecular Systems (Kuppusamy Kanagaraj, Cheng Yang, and Victor Borovkov)
  • Chiral Memory and Its Applications (Alessandro D'Urso and Roberto Purrello)
  • Role of Physical Bias on Chiral Induction: Hydrodynamic Flows and Temperature Gradients (Luigi Monsù Scolaro)
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Readership: Researchers, postgraduates and graduates studying supramolecular chirality.Supramolecular Chirality;Circular Dichroism;Memory of Chirality;Hierarchical Processes;Chirality Transfer; Chirogenesis;Chiral Templates;Self-assembly of Molecules;Hydrodynamic Flows00