Stories Inspired by My Granddaughter, Jordyn

Teresa O. Hall


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Jordyn is an energetic, on-the-go little girl who has difficulty staying in one spot for too long. She stays constantly ready for her next adventure wherever it may be! However, some of her stories also provide something of value.

In addition to adventure, a few of her stories offer learning opportunities for children. The chapter entitled, "A Little Girl Named Jordyn" teaches children about family. Two other stories with practical lessons for children are about Jordyn learning to share and learning to say "please" and "thank you."

Although the stories in this book are fictitious, they are inspired by certain people and events in the Author's life. They do, however, include memories of times spent with her family and true events from her son's childhood.

There may be some who see a glimpse of their child or grandchild reflected within these stories. So let's follow this energetic, high-spirited, not so patient little girl from birth to five years old as she leads us through her adventures in these eight brief stories.