The Litterbugs Collection

The Litterbugs Collection

Ruby Henry


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Three stories involving creatures who work together with their friends to get out of ‘sticky’ situations caused by human beings’ lack of concern for their environment.
In ‘The Lollipop Ant’, Little Ant is just out for a walk in the sun, when his day takes an unexpected turn!
In ‘Squirrel in a Whirl’, Squirrel sets out to find some tasty food, but his day doesn’t turn out exactly as it should!
In ‘Ordeal with the Seal, the beach bugs set off to play on the beach but soon find themselves rescuing a friend who’s trapped in a net!


Ruby Henry:
From an early age, Ruby Henry was always taught by her parents to bin any litter and never to drop it on the ground. She would come home from school with her pockets crammed full of litter so as to keep her promise to her parents. Now an adult, her pockets are still full of rubbish if she can’t find a bin! Waste, litter and pollution have such an adverse effect on our world. The little act of binning litter won’t change the world overnight, but educating our little ones, in a fun and colourful way, on the effects that dropped litter has on the smallest of this world’s creatures may just make a difference in the future!